Saturday, 27 March 2010


Ha ha ha ha, John and Ponch outside the Harley dealers.
Saw Rosco.P.Coltrane in hot pursuit of those Duke Boys earlier in the week.
And a Tumbleweed blow across a field, we laughed our cocks off.
Nick, one of the ADI Engineers was telling us about national holidays. He asked the old boss "Do I get a day off for Martin Luther Kings Birthday?"
The Boss pulled a loaded revolver out of his drawer, put in on the desk, looked up at Nick and says,
"There's only one birthday we celebrate around here son, John Wayne's..."

Cali Trip

Bought This, well, the deck. Took me own Indy's an Spitfires. Gave it to Cody the Microscooter kid when I was done with it (the deck, brought the Indy's and Spitfires home, they have airmiles now)
Cody isn't a random kid, he is the son of one of the guys we were meeting. They rocked up at the park when I was there.

Skated this. Santa Clarita Skatepark Ditch. Rocked the Cretesham Steez. Gnardog wouldn't like the damp patch, which was still there when I skated it. Damp patch in So-Cal? Who'd a thunk?

Stopped off at Venice on the way to the Airport

And Santa Monica, but not in that order

Me an Mike were lovin the Monster Truck
Odd Country...

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Eggbox Miniramp

Ages ago.

The Bob, The Whip, The Dad.

Filmed and edited on my phone



What a douche

Deaner Mable

On her way to get her indy tat

Business Trips are not a Jolly...

The Guvnor proving that we take this shit seriously

Microbrewery Dunkle, Geddin Bayrisch dudes.

Monday, 1 March 2010


So that's what mine looked like when it was new.
Looks different now, Vintage apparently.
Lostchilds is using it at a freshers ball gig on friday
(proud Dad moment)