Saturday, 27 March 2010

Cali Trip

Bought This, well, the deck. Took me own Indy's an Spitfires. Gave it to Cody the Microscooter kid when I was done with it (the deck, brought the Indy's and Spitfires home, they have airmiles now)
Cody isn't a random kid, he is the son of one of the guys we were meeting. They rocked up at the park when I was there.

Skated this. Santa Clarita Skatepark Ditch. Rocked the Cretesham Steez. Gnardog wouldn't like the damp patch, which was still there when I skated it. Damp patch in So-Cal? Who'd a thunk?

Stopped off at Venice on the way to the Airport

And Santa Monica, but not in that order

Me an Mike were lovin the Monster Truck
Odd Country...

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