Sunday, 6 September 2009

OK, Went to that.

Saw this

Was part of a four man CR250M team, all in the pre-74 class. This was the first race winner. Guy told me, some geezer had 3 of them and put a team together. Bloke riding thissun was invited to join team, 'cos he's a bit quick. Sounded so crisp, £6k's worth mind...

Pretty RM125 up for sale, dunno how much. Sorta half restored, reasonably clean but poor paint job. For my money, they gotta look factory fresh or proper used. Anything between seems half hearted.

This made me laff, C50/Junior MX hybrid, fabulous in its pointlesness, even got the red bull can on the susp unit remote reservoir. I want one.

'cos I'm fickle, and a dreamer, I'm over the CR250M, S'all about the YZ250G...

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  1. Ohhh. That YZ is gert lush innit. Got a softspot for old Yams.