Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Bawbee tagged me
Gotta write 7 things about me apparently, then put 7 links to other bloggers.
I only know 9 bloggers, and they'm already on Rickee's or Bawbee's lists...

An I don't know how to put links in all stylee like, Wait, turns out I do...

1. I had blonde hair when I was a kid.
2. I won a contest at Butlins for putting the most things in a match box. "Any advance on 36" the man said, "er...347..." says me. 10 year old tweaker.
3. I lived in Berlin for a bit.
4. I designed the toilet floor on the class442 train.
5. I have fallen off many motorbikes.
6. I like my Briggs and Stratton mower, when it starts...Makes the shed smell like a proper shed.
7. I am full of amazing ideas, that usually never come to fruition.

There, done.

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